Audience Testing and Prototyping
Gyroscope believes it is vital to mock up and/or prototype key interactive components and media. First, is to understand if the concept is viable. Second is to see the interaction take place with potential visitors and to evaluate whether the component communicates the ideas as intended. Thirdly, itís important to prototype or mock up specific designs. For example, would the behaviors we want work better if visitors could use the component from both sides with peer to peer sharing, or, how do the adjacencies and placement of all the elements slow people down, engage them or, do revisions need to be made.

We have organized, managed, and participated in all phases of prototyping from focus groups, surveys, interview, proof of concept, to audience testing and evaluation. We also use shop mock-ups to test materials, functionality, and other electronic and hardware interfaces.

After prototyping and audience evaluation we integrate the findings into our designs for each subsequent phase of design. We have participated this way on many different projects at various stages and scales and key to success.