Rancho Kids
Rancho Cucamonga Public Library
Feasibility Study
Rancho KIDS at Paul A. Biane Library
Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Gyroscope, Inc. created a master plan for the addition of a children's museum to the Biane Library branch in Rancho Cucamonga. The new children's museum was intended to help the library serve families, and position it as a community learning destination. It was conceived as an extension of the library's core set of services, and culture of playful family learning.

Phase II of the project was the design of a series of Play And Learning Stations (PALS) - self-contained activity centers that can be located within the library, among the stacks, to integrate play directly into the library itself. These PALS are designed to be replicable. Rancho Cucamonga sees their project as a pilot that can spread to other locations in the State.

Read what the Rancho Cucamonga Library staff have to say about the PALS, see pictures of Gyroscope's activity centers, and read the rationale for integrating play into the library on their blog:


"In closing, President Davies noted that the conceptual design for the second floor of the Biane Library is innovative and exciting. She indicated that the Library Foundation supports the project 100% and pledged financial support."

Read the minutes from the city council meeting

Needs assessment and Feasibility study completed: June 2009, PALS Completed 2010

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